I currently offer options for:
Creative Headshots
Corporate Headshots

All exchanges are currently handled through email invoices, and online payment is provided by PayPal:

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Most questions should be answered in the section below. If not, email me at

Fashion Information

Each fashion session includes:
- An online link to all images
- CD with all images from the session
- Free consultation to assist you with preparation for the session

Should you require some styling help, incredible fashion stylists are available to assist you on your modeling session at an additional cost.

Hair and Make-up
Hair and make-up is provided for an additional fee. I work with some of the best hair and make up people in the New York and Los Angeles areas.

Forms of Payment
Cash, and all major credit cards are accepted. If you choose to pay by a credit card there will be a 3.5% service charge. All prices are subject to 8.75% sales tax. See the Paypal link for credit/debit card purchases.

Booking and Cancellation Policies
A deposit is required when booking a headshot or modeling sessions.

Deposits are non-refundable.

Rescheduling must be done at least 72 hours in advance of the session.

No Exceptions.
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Headshot Information

My philosophy is that we should get the best possible results out of every look. I do not limit the number of shots we take per look so we are free to explore the possibilities until we get the best results - you can just relax and enjoy the session without worrying about reaching a certain limit. During the session, we make sure that you are completely satisfied with the images.

Headshot Information

Each headshot session includes:
- An online gallery/contact sheet of all images
- CD with all images from the session
- Free consultation to assist you with preparation for the session.
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Corporate Headshot Information

When photographing corporations we come to your location (saving you time and money), set up in less then one hour and photograph each portrait in 15 minutes. We provide guidelines on how to prepare for a great photo session. During the session we will have hair and make-up available at your location. These sessions are perfect for websites, brochures, public relations, and firm directories.

There is a set up fee and an additional fee per person shot.

Each session includes:
- Private online website to proof images
- High Resolution CD of all images
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Family Information

Photographing families is a special shoot. We come to your location (saving you time and money). It also helps to keep the kids in a familiar environment and it helps with wardrobing snafus:-). We provide wardrobe, hair, and make-up consultations when preparing for a great family photo session. These sessions are perfect for websites, birthday cards, Christmas cards, and birth announcements.

Non-refundable deposit required

Each session includes:
- Private online website to proof images
- High Resolution CD of all images
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What should I bring to my shoot?
-Your hair styled (unless you are having a hair stylist and/or makeup artist) and a hair brush/comb
-Clothes for Headshots - solid colors. Black is good, but leave white at home unless you wear it underneath something. Bring sweaters and jackets (leather is always good). Clothes should be neatly pressed and should be new or like new. Dark Clothes generally direct more attention to your face and eyes, emphasizing your features. The most important thing is to wear clothes that are comfortable and in which you feel you look GREAT.
-Clothes for Modeling - Bring accessories and personal things like hats, handbags, or anything cool and original. Find specific looks in magazines and try to replicate them. Hiring a stylist: If you take your modeling seriously and aren’t sure about how to go about getting the right clothes, a stylist might be the solution for you. I work with great stylists that can take care of it all.
-Lip Balm
-A GREAT attitude. (If the shoot is fun and relaxedit will show in your photos…so this is really important!)
-DO NOT get a haircut the day, or a few days before the shoot or use any new product on your hair, face or body.
-Please DO NOT drink alcohol or take any drugs (unless required for health reasons) before your shoot.

How should I look for my shoot?
For headshots, you want to look like you - ok, little retouching does not hurt - but you want to look the same as when you arrive at the audition.
For modeling, you want to show a variety of looks that are current, and may or may not fit your own personal style.

Is there anything I can do to prepare for my shoot?
Get a good night sleep the night before the shoot and drink lots of water.

Do you have a makeup artist?
Yes, I have great hair and makeup people that I highly recommend.

How long does it take for Hair and Makeup?
Thirty minutes to an hour and a half.

Do I need a makeup artist? Will you work with me if I don't use a makeup artist?
Yes. Yes.

Where do you usually shoot?
Around my apartment or in a studio, depends on lighting. Many of my modeling photo shoots are done in various locations.

Do you recommend Natural or Studio light?
I try to shoot both, although for most models trying to build a portfolio I do recommend more natural lighting than studio. Most headshots are done using natural lights as well.

How long does a shoot take?
A headshot shoot normally takes between 1 or 2 hours. It depends how many looks you choose and I do not rush!

Do you prefer digital or film? Why?
Digital - it’s faster and easier in every aspect. I can view the images as they are created; the quality has a greater dynamic range than film (meaning it can record more information in highlights and shadows). You receive a CD not negatives - this means you can make copies of the CD so you won’t lose the images. Also, it makes RUSH jobs easier.

Do you retouch?
Yes, and I’m very skilled at retouching.

When will the links be ready?
Usually takes 2-4 days. There will be a link to a secured site with all your pictures. You can send the link to your friends, family and agent for advice, then reply to my email with your final selections.

What are your hours?
There are no set hours. I shoot by appointment anytime that is good for you – weekdays and weekends.

Do you guarantee your work?
Your satisfaction is my first priority.

If your question was not answered, email at
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